The legendary boat design’s first recorded history roots from the Lyman brothers of Cleveland, Ohio who lived near the Lake Erie in the 19th century. Like any boat enthusiast, these brothers are also fishing aficionados.

In their early years, Bernard Lyman and Hernan Lyman both found pleasure in fishing around the banks of the Erie using an old small boat their father created. When they reached their 20s, Bernard Lyman who was a craftsman by profession decided to make their fishing hobby a little bit extreme by this time, braving the shorelines of the Erie.

The shorelines of the Erie by nature is slopy and quite treacherous for smaller and poorly designed boats. That is why Bernard Lyman designed their first boat which can endure the choppy Erie. This boat is a 15 ft. skiff which can either be rowed or sailed.

Finally, in 1875 the fishing enthusiast Lyman brothers founded Lyman Brothers Boat Builders of Cleveland, Ohio after deciding that they should profit from their outstanding talent in boat-making because they are way too awesome to just settle in enjoying their ingenuity among themselves! At that time Bernard Lyman was 25 years old and Hernan Lyman was 22 years old.