About Us

This website is to and for the people who found it in their hearts to love and immortalize the legend of the lakes’ iconic boat style! This is brought to you by a man whose passion is to meticulously collect and zealously preserve the legendary Lyman boats which are reputed to have ever so mastered the rugged chop of the Lake Erie, according to none other than Doc Lyman himself, Tom Koroknay!

Collecting and preserving Lyman boats has become the website owner’s passion. He personally takes pride in acquiring the most common Lyman boats up to the most auspicious Lyman boats there is in the whole of Ohio!

He aims to immortalize the legendary design by sharing this tribute website to as many Lyman boat aficionados like himself. Also, he would like to share his knowledge on thoughtfully maintaining Lyman boats and or boats of this caliber and grade to keep them in excellent working condition!