April 12, 2018

How to buy and sell Lyman boats

To quickly sell your boat, you must consider the following:

The price

Before you price your boat, you ought to check boat selling sites first. Benchmark your boat there and set the price in a way such that it can compete with boats which almost look the same as yours.


Your boat needs to be seen by potential buyers, for example does it have a battery for trolling. Today, just hoping for someone to see what you are selling offline is considered lazy marketing because the internet is increasingly becoming the in-thing in selling almost anything!

Find yourself a broker or dealer

Selling boats usually requires the honor system where the buyer pledges to buy the boat at a price agreed between them and the seller. But abuses in the honor system have become rampant nowadays that is why finding a third-party dealer has become a common thing in boat selling.

Here are some of the best examples of authentic Lyman boats in the whole of Ohio you can consider buying now:

1937 Lyman 20′ Inboard/Runabout

This rare eighty years old classic runabout last touched the waters of the Lake Erie in 2007. It is in perfect working condition with minor re-varnishing done. The boat operates through a Chrysler M2 97hp engine with a single axle Eagle trailer. For only $21,900, you can have this classic gem!

1970 Lyman 23′ Offshore

This family fishing boat has sailed in the Erie for more than twenty years and is still in good working condition. The boat operates through a Chrysler 318 225hp with a tandem axle trailer. For only $3,000, you can have this authentic Lyman masterpiece!

1980 Lyman 24′ Biscayne

The same mechanic niftily and carefully maintains this fiberglass boat for the past thirty years! The boat operates through a 328 MerCruiser with only 500 hours of travel time. This well-maintained boat is fantastic in action! For only $15,600, you can have this beautiful head-turner!

written by Jacqueline Bennett - Posted in Tips


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