March 19, 2018

A Musky Experience with the Family

It was our 24th anniversary when I took my wife and kids to Alum Creek Lake in central Ohio. I was supposed to bring them back to Belize then, to Placenia, but the typhoon warning a day prior ruined our chances to enjoy the place. Anyway, we settled for Alum Creek Lake because my long-time buddy, Gary, whose cousin is a local of the place told me that the kids will love fishing muskies there.

My youngest girl hates musky. She hates its smell to be specific and feared that our boat might sink because it is pointed like a sword. I made your sit on my favorite fishing chair, but she still wept the whole time especially because our supposed swimming trip became a fishing trip – the climax would probably be the time when the poor girl caught a 12 lbs. musky after me and her mom assured her that aside from muskies, she can catch saugeyes, crappies, catfishes and basses so chances are she might not catch a musky at all. You can just imagine how that development affected our family. She made a run for it and didn’t eat the whole day.

While the girl was weeping, my sons and I went to the rocky northernmost part of the lake. There, catfishes are abundant but the rocks are kind of slippery so you ought to wear rubber shoes. My eldest son wore flip-flops and then he did not because he nearly fell off his rock and donated his Brazilian made sandal to the lake. We caught nearly two buckets of catfishes. Each catfish weighs around 40 lbs. more or less. There were also saugeyes around but we focused on catching catfishes because my wife requested it for dinner. We were not able to retrieve my son’s sandal, however, because it was as dark as the lake per se and none of us would like to dive for it in fear of Jaws or something like it. Man, it’s as if catfishes aren’t creepy enough!

Our boat has two grillers installed. My wife prepared grilled catfishes for dinner. Our youngest girl was too mad at her dad but got even madder at her mom for serving her a charred catfish. The trip was worth it and memorable. My wife approves!

written by Jacqueline Bennett - Posted in Trips


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