April 12, 2018

How to buy and sell Lyman boats

To quickly sell your boat, you must consider the following:
The price
Before you price your boat, you ought to check boat selling sites first. Benchmark your boat there and set the price in a way such that it can compete with boats which almost look the same as yours.
Your boat needs to be seen by potential buyers, for example does it have a battery for trolling. Today, just hoping for someone to see what you are selling offline is considered lazy marketing because the internet is increasingly becoming the in-thing in selling almost anythin…

March 19, 2018

A Musky Experience with the Family

It was our 24th anniversary when I took my wife and kids to Alum Creek Lake in central Ohio. I was supposed to bring them back to Belize then, to Placenia, but the typhoon warning a day prior ruined our chances to enjoy the place. Anyway, we settled for Alum Creek Lake because my long-time buddy, Gary, whose cousin is a local of the place told me that the kids will love fishing muskies there.
My youngest girl hates musky. She hates its smell to be specific and feared that our boat might sink because it is pointed like a sword. I made your sit on my favorite fishing chair, but she still wept the whole time especially because our s…

February 23, 2018

Maintaining a Lyman Boat

These are some of the most common ways in maintaining a Lyman boat to make sure it’s kept in excellent working condition:
Wash it
Do not wash it with saltwater even if you are confident that you are using your boat in the shorelines so it should work! Why? Well, it’s similar to a lounge room recliner, where the reason behind that and based on my experience is because saltwater degrades and corrodes the boat’s hardware! That includes and is not limited to the fasteners. Corroded fasteners will not only make your boat look neglected but it will also make your travel nasty. Trust me, you don’t wanna know why!